Pre-Raphaelite Movement

The Pre-Raphaelite Movement was a group of artists and writers who worked primarily in the mid-19th century. This artistic movement was influenced by a desire to return to the principles of art before the time of Raphael, particularly its emphasis on naturalism, attention to detail, and deep emotional connection between the artist and their subject.

This movement was heavily rooted in Romanticism, and its members often portrayed scenes of nature, mythology, and historical events. The Pre-Raphaelites gained a great deal of attention both for their works of art as well as their unconventional personal lives.

The Pre-Raphaelite Movement was a key influence on the development of art throughout the 19th and early 20th century, and its members are recognized as some of the most famous artists in history. Many of their works have become iconic representations of their respective subjects, such as John Everett Millais’ painting “Ophelia” which is regarded as one of the most important representations of nature in English art.

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Pre Raphaelite:

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