Classical Art

Centuries after the Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures rose to power, the emergence of a new civilization in Greece came into being. The Greeks strove for harmony and unity, and placed humans at the center of their culture. Much of their art focused on the idealized human form. It was in this form that the Greeks found the ultimate expression of beauty and harmony.

Later, the Roman empire would rise and grow to become the most powerful civilization in the Western world. Influenced by the Greeks, they made great contributions to sculpture and architecture.

Both of these cultures provided the foundation upon which much of the art and architecture of the Western world is built. Each of their contributions to the arts and sciences have influenced humans for centuries. And many continue to enrich our lives today.

Classical art studies coming soon.

For hands-on art projects based on Classical Art (Art of the Greeks, Etruscans, and the Romans), check out this Masterpiece Society course:

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